The Protection Response Tactics Program

Explore the Protection Response Tactics (PRT) program, meticulously designed for protection agents and bodyguards. Developed to meet the unique needs of Personal Protection Specialists (PPS), PRT bridges the gap between traditional martial arts and the practical demands of client defense. Learn socially acceptable, visually appropriate, and legally defensible strategies tailored to real-world scenarios. Gain advanced skills in pre-contact applications, soft control methods, and risk mitigation, ensuring you are prepared for high-stakes environments and can effectively protect your clients.

Rethinking Grappling in the Age of Everyday Carry

Discover the transformative journey of integrating Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and Combat Submission Wrestling with firearms training for a comprehensive self-defense strategy. Learn how the fusion of grappling and tactical readiness prepares individuals for real-world challenges. This article delves into the development of a warrior’s mindset, the importance of weapon retention in combat, and the creation of the Living Mechanics Jiu-Jitsu and C-Tac Programs, offering insights into adapting martial arts training for enhanced situational awareness and self-reliance.

The Evolution of Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics: Adapting to Modern Challenges

Explore the intricate relationship between Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and law enforcement gear in the realm of defensive tactics. Uncover the often-overlooked challenges of integrating BJJ techniques within the context of officers’ equipment, including firearms. Discover the transformative effects of adding police gear to grappling scenarios and the critical need for innovative adaptations. Delve into the complexities of maintaining effectiveness while prioritizing officer safety and weapon retention. Gain insights into the evolution of BJJ within law enforcement and the imperative of addressing the dynamic interplay between martial arts and real-world operational demands.

The Art of Verbal Jiu-Jitsu: Communication Skills as Essential Self-Defense

In the realm of self-defense, our physical actions often gain the limelight. We admire the dexterity of martial artists or the prowess of boxers but often overlook the most fundamental form of defense: communication.

Understanding Standoff Footprint: Identifying Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance Indicators

 In today’s world, where privacy and security are of utmost importance, it is essential to be aware of potential surveillance activities. Counter-surveillance techniques can help individuals protect themselves and their assets. One crucial aspect of counter-surveillance is understanding the concept of a standoff footprint. This article aims to explain what a standoff footprint is, provide … Read more

Enhancing Executive Protection: Introducing the Comprehensive Protection Response Tactics Program

The conclusion of another successful May Executive Protection Institute School marked the commencement of an eagerly anticipated course – the Protection Response Tactics (PRT) program.