Private Training

Intensive Private Training

Have you been looking for a more personalized training option?

Discover the exceptional difference of an intensive private training session tailored precisely to your needs. Our approach revolves around crafting a curriculum that aligns with your unique objectives.
We will arrange a comprehensive consultation before the training event to deeply understand your overarching goals. Armed with this insight, we will meticulously construct a training outline exclusively for your session.
Our approach involves drawing from an array of martial arts disciplines and our diverse tactical training programs. This fusion of techniques and knowledge ensures a comprehensive approach geared towards your achievement.
We will furnish you with a meticulously designed training program to enhance your progress beyond the session. This post-session guide will keep you on track as you continue your journey toward success.

Typically, an intensive private training session is organized in blocks of three hours each. A half day encompasses one block, while a full day comprises two blocks.


There Hour Training Block


6 Hour Training Block

Some of the benefits of private training

Boost Your Fitness

With private training, you can increase the intensity of your sessions to meet your personal fitness goals. Get ready to push your limits and witness an impressive improvement in your overall fitness.

Increase Your Confidence

Enhance your skill set and its application through customized training. The dedicated focus on your individual progress allows you to develop greater confidence in your abilities.

Reach New Milestones

Aspiring for your next belt promotion? Private training provides the perfect platform to put in that extra time and effort, propelling you towards your next achievement.

Optimize Your Training

Time: Every moment spent in private training is tailored specifically for you. From the exercises to the workouts, each aspect is crafted to align with your needs and objectives, maximizing the value of your time spent training.

“One of the great things about private lesson training is that we can specifically design your lesson around your unique goals. If you would like to do more fitness-related work, or if you’re not necessarily looking to study a system specifically, but you would like to have a training outline designed around a particular set of goals. All of this can be done due to how individualized private training can be. When you schedule your session, we will take the time to discuss what you are looking to achieve, and then we can plug that into the training equation.”

~ Coach Alan


Intensive sessions encompass the incorporation of firearms, bladed weapons, and your existing everyday carry (EDC) configuration. Moreover, training outlines can be tailored to accommodate legal parameters. Our diverse backgrounds enable us to address numerous subjects that often remain uncommon in the martial arts community.If you’re seeking a distinctive training experience and struggling to locate your desired solution, reach out to us. We can arrange a consultation to determine if we can provide the assistance you’re seeking.

No prior experience or background is required to participate in our intensive sessions. We welcome individuals with all levels of training, including those who have never trained before. Our sessions can accommodate a diverse range of training backgrounds.


Given Alan’s extensive experience and background as a high-level bodyguard, he offers unique training options that empower you to become your own personal protector. With his guidance, you can gain the skills to take control of your own security and your family. This involves acquiring the knowledge to perform threat assessments and analyze potential risks to your safety, both in advance and on an ongoing basis. You’ll learn how to assess your daily routines and identify potential vulnerabilities.
You will learn to develop your own security planning strategies, enabling you to make informed decisions about safe routes, emergency exit strategies, and protective measures during your daily activities. Additionally, you’ll gain valuable insights into conflict resolution techniques, equipping you to de-escalate confrontational situations and prevent them from escalating into violence.

We Have Designed Programs For Some Of The Best In The Business

We Can Do The Same For You!


My team will schedule a Zoom consultation with you, allowing you and me to discuss your goals and all the aspects you’d like to incorporate into your training.

I’ll gather the information you provide and collaborate with my team to create an outline for your in-person training day.

Once the program has been crafted, we’ll proceed to schedule your training day and begin making arrangements to meet and go through the details of the training program together.

Furthermore, in addition to creating your training outline, I’ll also assemble a training routine for you to carry with you as you pursue your ongoing training post-event. This way, you’ll possess a structured plan for sustained growth.

Ready to transform your skills, fitness, and confidence to unprecedented levels? Don’t wait. Sign up today and take the first step toward achieving your goals!

Our program design draws from a diverse range of systems in our extensive background.

Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do

CBIAA Chinese Boxing

Inosanto-Lacasta Filipino Kali

Pekiti-Tirsia Filipino Kali

Madjapahit Silat

STX Kickboxing

Chinese Qigong

Crown Eagle Chin Na 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Combat Submission Wrestling

Kodokan Judo

Shooto-Shoot wrestling

Catch wrestling

Keysi Fighting Method

Zu Wei Shu Kung Fu

Chen Style Tai Chi

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

Burmese Bando (Thaing)

U.S. Chuan Fa

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Progressive Fighting Systems

Tang Soo Do – Oh Do Kwan

Defence Lab DNA