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With a foreword penned by Alan’s esteemed mentor and friend, retired Navy SEAL Lieutenant Jason Redman, a New York Times bestselling author of ‘The Trident’ & ‘Overcome’, this book is truly a treasure.
Alan’s narrative takes us on his extraordinary journey, steadfastly tethered to martial arts. His meticulous training, guided by distinguished instructors across disciplines like traditional Chinese boxing and kung fu, paves the path to a deeper understanding of comprehensive human development and performance enhancement methods.
Alan’s commitment transcends the training ground. His morning routines, meticulously crafted over 43 years and deeply rooted in martial arts, have become his life’s cornerstone. These routines have shaped his physical capabilities, sparked his entrepreneurial spirit, influenced his relationships, and fine-tuned his efficiency.
The fruitful outcomes of these practices are undeniable, leading Alan to spearhead numerous prosperous businesses and establish varied income sources. His unique approach also contributed to his esteemed role in leading Protection industry training agencies.
Alan shares the pivotal elements of his transformative morning routine in this revealing book. Embark on his journey, learn how the discipline and principles of martial arts can revolutionize your mornings and guide you towards success in diverse life aspects. Immerse yourself and unlock the power of warrior arts, coupled with an invigorating mindset, to ignite your mornings and fuel your life’s journey.

“I had the pleasure to review Alan Baker’s book, “Morning Mastery” and I will have to say that I thought that he was speaking directly to me! The words in the book literally jumped off the page and said to me, “You need this”! Before I even finished the book, I adapted my schedule to begin each day (when possible) with a morning routine. My days have become more productive, less time on the “dumb phone”, and I am totally energized. Regardless of your field of study or work, this book can drastically improve your life. For those into meditation or prayer, having a morning routine will improve your state of being. I suggest beginning with some basic changes in your morning routine and then beginning to expand step by step. Alan outlines a master’s level morning routine, but one can also begin with some fundamental changes of habits and see instant results. I cannot stress enough how important it is to improve the quality of your life by applying the steps Alan has outlined in his excellent book, “Morning Mastery.”

~ Jerry Heying, CPP, PPS, CST
President and CEO International Protection Group LLC

“Sifu Alan Baker lays out a blueprint with an arsenal of tools that you can incorporate and create a life changing daily routine.  This book goes beyond the “do this thing and do it every day and life will change” pitch that a lot of self-help books provide.  This book goes into detail on every tool that Sifu Alan Baker has incorporated in his daily routines, but it goes deeper.  It gives you the “why” and benefits of incorporating the tools he mentions as well as what you might be feeling if you’re not doing something.  I highly recommend this book as an investment in yourself and building a better you!”

~ Matt Davidson 

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The knowledge in this book is derived from decades of instructing every branch of the U.S. military, as well as the Department of Defense, police agencies, SWAT teams, and elite-level bodyguards. The information and wisdom is also gleaned from over forty years spent in the martial arts and gaining over fifteen black belts in various arts. During that time, I have run numerous academies and been able to work as private protection for numerous VIPs, including the stars of film and TV shows such as The Walking Dead, Arrow, and others.The lessons I’ve learned have shown me that, despite the many obstacles that make life feel impossible at times, there is a way forward for anyone dreaming of becoming an elite-level performer, athlete, businessman, or anyone simply seeking a happier, fuller life. I have been low and discovered what it took to get back up. And I have had people from all across the spectrum come to me for guidance, and I have shown them the steps that I took and those other masters before me took

“If you read one book this year to help you become a better version of YOU, this is that book. Alan Bakers genius lies in his ability to teach the everyday person how to tap into the greatness that is buried within them and unleash it to its maximum potential.”

~ Brent Magnussen
Former U.S. Army Combat Engineer and Best Selling Author of ROGER UP

“In our lives we are all warriors on many different battle fields, they could be school, home, relationships, work, sports, within ourselves, and many more. In this book Alan takes the strategy and techniques he has learned through a lifetime study of martial arts to make him a success at life. It gives tools to help you become better by finding joy, calmness, peace, drive, etc. through application and understanding. All battle fields share similarities and in essence it is the same music with different instruments. In the Warriors Path you will learn to find stillness within motion and win at life by becoming pliable when needed, and unbending in truth. You will learn techniques to help you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. I highly recommend this book. Enjoy.”

~ Spencer M. Larkin
Chief Executive Officer – Envision Strategic Partners


Creating your life blueprint, working through the plan, and achieving your goals requires applying (utilization) of tools. The tools I utilized in forty-plus years of teaching and coaching clients are The Universal Principles of Change. I touched on them in the previous book. This publication organizes the complete list I have implemented over the years.