Training Options

Choose from in person training or one of the online video acadmies


Personal Training Sessions

In Person Personal training sessions can be done one on one with one of our coaches, or you can bring a friend or family member to train with while the coach guides your training. These one-on-one sessions focus more on you and your goals and can be organized explicitly around what you want to accomplish. Private training also allows you to go at your own pace and advance when you feel ready. We have multiple instructors at the Academy, so you can choose who you prefer to work with. There are also numerous fitness-focused options that you can do in your private training to focus more on your health goals while you learn to defend yourself & your family.

Do you want to train with a friend and not in a group setting?

Do you want to train on your time in your schedule?

Do you want to advance at a quicker pace in your training?

Are you looking to cover material or systems that are not offered in the regular group class?

Do you want to gain the additional details that come from training individually with a seasoned instructor?

Online Video Academy Training

Online video training gives you access to multiple sources of information in one convenient location. Whether you are focusing on the Living Mechanics Jiu-Jitsu program or the Warrior’s Path program this video archive will give you access to this information 24 seven so that you can study or train on your own schedule. This archive is a considerable reference for students to return to in order to gain more detailed information about a topic. Additionally, we capture training events, seminars, speaking engagements, and presentations that Professor Baker teaches all around the United States, and we make them available inside this archive. Our team also schedules media recording events several times annually in order to capture unique information that may not be available anywhere else.

Have access to old and new seminars, classes, coaching sessions, and speaking engagements.

Get unique material that is specifically recorded by the professor for this archive.

Let us know what you want to see. Our members can request the information they would like to see recorded.