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“Alan is a very talented and well rounded martial artist, and a great role model. He has excellent organizational skills and is a leader.”

— Sifu Francis Fong

“Sifu Alan Baker has boiled down many of these life enhancing perspectives into a source that shares the knowledge without the life threatening consequences of attending the warrior’s alma mater of combat. Sifu Baker’s extraction of the lessons of a warrior’s quest through his own unique journey provides a map through the hazardous minefield of true warrior education. True wisdom has the insight to learn from others, especially in an arena where mistakes can be deadly. Enjoy the reward with far less risk. An old soldier’s purpose is to teach young soldiers how to become successful OLD soldiers. The lessons in his book are part of a study guide to that end.”

– MSG (Retired) Randy McElwee, US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES

“I can honestly say that Sifu Alan has over the years consistently impressed my students and myself with expansion of concepts that forever improved and positively changed our skillset and abilities on the mat and the real world.”

Coach Chris Mize Founder of Heroes Academy and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu of Birmingham

ROGER UP is a growth emersion event where we put you in the same location with some of the industry’s leading business and personal development coaches to give you the mindset and tools to start creating immense change in your life.