Teaching Self-Defense, Personal Leadership, And The Warrior Mindset To Face Life's Challenges

I have dedicated my life to the Warrior’s Path, deeply immersing myself in the physical culture and mindset of the warrior arts. This journey has strengthened my entrepreneurship, relationships, and resilience. My mission is to share these teachings with others eager for the same transformative journey.
I focus on three core areas: Self-Defense, with 44 years of martial arts experience; Self-Protection, leveraging 15 years as a protection specialist; and Self-Improvement, as the founder of the Warriors Path Self-Development Program.

Can’t make it to a training event? Sifu Alan offers three video training academies tailored to your self-defense goals, whether it’s mastering martial arts, improving defensive tactics, or enhancing personal protection skills.

Sifu Alan travels across the U.S. conducting seminars, workshops, and camps on various martial arts, as well as the systems he has designed for private groups, law enforcement teams, security companies, and the military.

Struggling with a tight schedule? Discover intensive private training with Sifu Alan, tailored to your self-defense and martial arts goals. Our sessions start with a consultation to create a personalized plan, boosting fitness, confidence, & skill mastery.

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Sifu Alan’s books emphasize the self-leadership and personal development skills he gained from his teachers and mentors during his journey in the warrior & entrepreneurial culture.

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Alan Baker is a martial arts and self-defense expert with decades of experience in numerous systems. He is an author, motivational speaker, & the founder of Baker Defensive Tactics and the Civilian Tactical Training Association.

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With decades in martial arts, 14 years as a protection specialist, and entrepreneurial success, Sifu Baker offers unique insights. As an author and instructor, he combines self-mastery and defensive tactics. This show approaches life through the warrior’s ethos. Join us for an inspiring journey into martial arts and personal growth.

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With a lifetime dedicated to martial arts and overcoming adversity, Sifu Alan Baker offers unique insights as a motivational speaker. As the founder of the Warriors Path program, his keynotes focus on mastering mindset & resilience, empowering audiences to achieve personal and professional success.