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Professor has always focused on the self-defense approach in everything he does. After over 30 years of studying and training in multiple grappling, ground fighting, and pummeling arts, as part of an overall 42 years of study, Professor Alan has developed his unique approach to teaching Jiu-Jitsu. And combined with his background in teaching and training with personal protection agents, law enforcement groups, and military units, both come together to influence his distinctive approach. Additionally, he integrated his experience in several other forms of martial arts and their unique approach to teaching body alignment, placement, and mechanical advantage. This additional layer of information earned this curriculum the “living mechanics” nickname, which became its namesake.
There are two halves to the program. The most recognized is the Jiu-Jitsu curriculum. The second half is the application of self-defense. In the second portion, we consider having to apply our training in a parking lot or on a sidewalk while armed. Adding the consideration of weapons and different environments forces us to view the conflict in different terms and forces us to have distinct goals.
Each section can be studied individually, but they should complement each other if the student decides to engage in both areas. This approach is not necessarily the case and typical sport-based process. The bringing together of these two areas of study is what makes this program unique.


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Living Mechanics Jiu-Jitsu is broken down into four different categories.

  • Mechanics – This is a detailed study of leverage, position, and the attainment of proper skeletal alignment to interact with your opponent based on intelligent mechanics and alignment instead of so late on strength.

  • Curriculum – This is the fundamental technique of the program. Techniques are the primary focus of most jiu-jitsu programs. In Living Mechanics, it is just the beginning of the educational methodology used by Professor Alan.

  • Flow drills – These drills teach the student to move intelligently from position to position. Flow drills will also introduce the student to move from position to position and flow from submission to submission. These drills start basic for the beginning student and then grow more advanced in movement and timing as the student grows through the system. 

  • Philosophy – Understanding what you’re trying to do and what your goal is as you train is very important. Each level, from basic up to advanced, has a specific training methodology in philosophy that is followed to ensure a proper mindset and keep the student focused and on track for their overall goals of obtaining proficiency. 

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