Open Archive

Module 1 Open Archive
Unit 1 Attacks & Control From The Mount Position
Unit 2 Back Mount - Survival Drills & Basic Submissions
Unit 3 Hand Fighting
Unit 4 Choke From Mounted Position
Unit 5 CSW Half Guard / Mount Submissions
Unit 6 CSW Submissions From The Mount
Unit 7 CSW Sweeps From Standing Guard
Unit 8 CSW Pummeling Options
Unit 9 CSW Submission Series From Side Control
Unit 10 Defense Against The Puncher In The Guard
Unit 11 Defensive & Offensive Striking From The Guard
Unit 12 Dirty Feet Drill To Guard Pass With Master Pedro
Unit 13 Escape Mount Technique & Drills From AMAC Class
Unit 14 Escape The Under Side - Go To Guard
Unit 15 Guard Submissions Run Through From Class
Unit 16 Guard Submissions - Technical Arm Bar & Triangle
Unit 17 Guard Sweep Series
Unit 18 Rocking Guard Sweep Series
Unit 19 Hand Fighting & Pummeling
Unit 20 Hand Fighting & Pummeling Series
Unit 21 Hand Fighting Drills
Unit 22 Head & Neck Pummeling - Part 1
Unit 23 Head & Neck Pummeling - Part 2
Unit 24 Mount From Side With Arm Out
Unit 25 Mounts From Side Control - Spider Mount & Under Hook Mount
Unit 26 Mount To V Arm Lock
Unit 27 Neck Cranks From Side
Unit 28 Passing The Guard With Good Mechanics
Unit 29 Scissor Sweep Variations From Guard
Unit 30 Submission Series In The Guard
Unit 31 Submissions From The Mount Position
Unit 32 Takedowns From The Knees
Unit 33 Push Knee Sweep
Unit 34 Spider Mount From Side Control
Unit 35 Two Basic Mounts From Side Control

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