Immerse yourself in the wisdom and unguarded conversations of the warrior mindset with Sifu Alan Baker. Drawing on 43 years of martial arts expertise, 14 years as a seasoned protection specialist, and a diverse background as a successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses and revenue streams, Sifu Baker brings a treasure trove of insights. As the author of three books and an instructor across various disciplines, including firearms, rappelling, and SCUBA diving, he offers a unique perspective that combines self-mastery and defensive tactics. This show promises a profound exploration of the foundational pillars of a warrior—Preparedness, Discipline & Focus, Resilience & Adaptability, Mental & Physical Toughness, and Courage & Sacrifice (Service)—all delivered with a healthy dose of humor and a drive to inspire action. Join us for an unfiltered journey into the essence of martial arts and personal growth, where motivation and transformation meet.


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