Warrior’s Path

The Warriors Path ACADEMY

The Warriors Path program is a self-development journey meticulously crafted by Alan Baker, leveraging his rich tapestry of experience spanning 43 years in high-level martial arts and over two decades as a successful entrepreneur. Alan’s commitment to personal growth is further underscored by his continuous mentorship in business development and self-improvement spanning several decades. The Warriors Path Program embodies the culmination of Alan’s vast knowledge and insights, making it a transformative self-development experience.

The Warriors Path Academy comprises a treasure trove of recorded resources encompassing lessons, seminars, coaching sessions, presentations, and much more!

The Warriors Path Coaching Archive

The Warriors Path program is designed around five core pillars: Physical, Family, Mental, Purpose, and Monetary. Each pillar focuses on vital aspects of our lives, from physical strength and alignment to family relationships, mental fortitude, life purpose, and financial success. Our holistic approach guarantees a well-rounded transformation, enabling you to adapt to changes, become more resilient, and feel more confident.


Discover your life purpose. We assist in mapping your life blueprint, defining your core values, establishing your personal code, and enhancing relationships to help you stay focused and passionate about your life journey.


Understand the importance of balancing life and family relationships. Our coaching includes establishing your tribe, inner circle, and extended network, emphasizing the impact of these relationships on your life trajectory.


We believe in the power of financial freedom. With an entrepreneurial mindset, understanding budgeting, investing, and the power of effective communication, we guide you towards building strong revenue streams, thus creating more freedom in your life.


Foster your mental landscape. Our coaching involves practicing meditation, promoting a positive internal dialogue, and developing self-education processes. We help you control your physiological state to impact your mental state, enhancing your overall life experience.


We advocate for maintaining the machine that is your body. We provide education on gaining control over your body’s tension, improving your alignment, and developing the mind-body connection. Our focus areas include physical education, dietary control, recovery, and strategic planning for both short and long-term goals.

This Video Academy is an excellent choice for individuals looking to explore the Warriors Path content without delving into one-on-one coaching just yet.