Warrior’s Path

Warriors Path Divisions

Warriors path is broken up into 6 Areas. Although there are additional study points in the program, the viewer will focus on the primary ones in the beginning. 

Warriors Motion 

This section is divided into three sections. The first section of the study will be the loosening exercises of Warriors Motion. These exercises are designed to teach loosening skills of the body. The second section will be the joint opening/expansion exercises of Warriors Motion. These exercises are designed to teach the viewer how to open the energy gates of the body and do it intelligently and in a way that will directly relate to the advanced study of martial arts or any physical endever. The third section of Warriors Motion is the study of pro-perceptive neuromuscular facilitation. PNF stretching, as it is commonly called in the industry, is one of the most effective methods of releasing stored tension in the body. Many systems of stretching and relaxing the body use this method and have their names for this method. Warriors Motion generally nicknames PNF stretching “power stretching”. 

Warrior Strength

This section teaches the concepts of strength development that is taught in the stone warrior sections of Shaolin Kung Fu. These principles lead the viewer to reprogram the muscles of the body to have higher activation of flexion when needed. This higher level of flexion, when trained correctly, can have a considerable influence on the amount of strength you have. Additionally, this section will take a look at Multiple other strengths development options that are available. Overall this section is a focus on the development of strength in the human machine. 

Warriors Breath 

This section introduces the incredible power of breath and how it can influence all of the multiple parts of the human machine. It will introduce the Full Cycle Breath. This breath cycle is the primary breathing pattern that Coach Alan teaches on the subject. From this introductory sequence, you will then move on to learn more goal-specific breathing practices that you can employ for recovery, Strength development, Control of the body, stress relief, and emotional Control. Coach Alan commonly says that the branch is the bridge in what he means by this is it is the bridge of Control for the human machine. 

Warriors Mind 

The Warriors Mind section Starts to introduce the meditative practices of the program. The goal of the section is to increase your ability to control your mind and direct your focus appropriately. Conditioning your internal landscape and gaining more command of your mind will directly affect your overall success. The mind is one of those powerful tools you have, so it is essential to spend an equal amount of time developing it as you do the rest of the body’s systems. 

Warriors Diet

The Warriors Diet section Is not another diet plan or passing fad. The goal of this section is to study the science of diet as a whole and understand how what we eat on a daily basis affects our bodies. Coach Allen believes that no one answer fits all as far as diet is concerned. What will work for one person will not necessarily work for another. This idea is one of the reasons for this approach of educating a person more along the lines of the science of diet than just giving them a plan to follow. The more you learn in this area, the more you can make decisions for yourself and make adjustments that will work for you.  

Warriors Path

The section is the self-improvement part of Warriors Path. The core pillars of the program are Physical – Family – Mental – Purpose, and Monetary. The purpose of the section is to help the individuals get more organized in life, Spend their time more wisely and more effectively As they strive to achieve their chosen goals.