Schedule Private Training

We Are Here To Help You!

To schedule your private training sessions, you must reach out to our Operations Director Jennifer Wood. She can take you through the process of picking out your date and time for training.
Additionally, at this time, if there are any specific topics that you want to be covered or if you would like to get a specialized training outline put together for the session, Jennifer can make this happen.

I am looking forward to working with you! 

What To Expect

Connect Pick A Date
Once I get your email, I will reach back to you to pick a date for your upcoming training. We are currently scheduling private training up to a year in advance due to Alan’s schedule, so it is good to get in touch sooner than later.

Location & Logistics
Alan not only teaches private training at the Academy in Georgia, but he can also arrange training during his travel for various events and seminars around the United States. He is going to be in your area for an event. There’s a possibility that he could schedule time for a private lesson. If this is something you’re considering, we will need to discuss the logistics and make arrangements.

Pick A Topic
Due to his background, there is a variety of different topics that can be trained privately. You can pick a specific topic to focus on, or you can have a specialized training outline designed around your unique goals. If this is the case, we will arrange a consultation session with Alan, and he will determine what you need so that he can design the training outline for the session around what you want to achieve in your goals.

Who Will Be Training
It is common for students to bring friends to the private session to be involved with the training. This practice is a widespread practice, and we highly recommend it because it will help you to have someone to train with as you move forward. Depending on the number of people in the private we will have to make arrangements.