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Explore the Protection Response Tactics (PRT) program, meticulously designed for protection agents and bodyguards. Developed to meet the unique needs of Personal Protection Specialists (PPS), PRT bridges the gap between traditional martial arts and the practical demands of client defense. Learn socially acceptable, visually appropriate, and legally defensible strategies tailored to real-world scenarios. Gain advanced skills in pre-contact applications, soft control methods, and risk mitigation, ensuring you are prepared for high-stakes environments and can effectively protect your clients.

In the early stages of developing the Protection Response Tactics (PRT) program, my primary goal was to create a system specifically designed for protection agents and bodyguards—professionals whose responsibilities extend beyond self-defense to the defense of their clients. This objective guided the meticulous construction of the PRT curriculum, ensuring it meets the unique needs of Personal Protection Specialists (PPS).

When I was first introduced to the Executive Protection Institute, I quickly identified a recurring issue that I’ve observed in numerous law enforcement agencies and among other professionals: the constant turnover of martial arts instructors brought in to teach defensive tactics. These instructors often deliver a version of their art without adapting it to the specific needs and constraints of the environment. They try to fit their pre-existing systems into scenarios for which they were never intended—scenarios that are far removed from typical martial arts training.

Typically, an instructor will present their “system,” leave, and soon after, the professionals realize that the techniques taught are impractical for their everyday responsibilities. This leads to frustration, and a continuous search for new instructors, perpetuating a cycle where no real progress is made, and nothing substantial is gained. It’s a pattern where methods that might work well in a “martial arts” fight do not translate effectively into the real-world scenarios faced by protection agents and law enforcement officers.

The techniques and methods used must be specifically designed to fit the unique environment in which they will be applied. This means considering factors like attire, vehicle type, team dynamics, and the specific rules and legal constraints of the profession. The method must seamlessly integrate into the operational realities of the job, providing practical, actionable skills that enhance, rather than hinder, the professional’s ability to perform their duties.

I saw the need for a tailored approach beyond generic martial arts systems. It’s crucial that the training provided aligns with the day-to-day challenges and real-world scenarios protection professionals face, ensuring they are equipped with effective, context-appropriate tactics. This is the foundation upon which I built the Protection Response Tactics (PRT) program, designed to bridge the gap between traditional martial arts and the specialized needs of protection agents.

My experience at the Executive Protection Institute’s (EPI) intensive seven-day school significantly influenced the design of the Protection Response Tactics (PRT) program. This immersive training allowed me to learn the industry from the inside out, providing invaluable insights into the specific needs and challenges faced by professional agents in the field. Following this foundational education, I had the opportunity to begin working at a relatively high level in the industry, which further deepened my understanding of the practical requirements and demands of the job. This hands-on experience was crucial in shaping my perspective on what constitutes effective training for protection agents.

The combination of rigorous training at EPI and real-world application illuminated the gaps in traditional martial arts systems when applied to executive protection. I realized that the tactics needed to be not only effective in physical confrontation but also adaptable to various professional scenarios, legally sound, and visually appropriate. These experiences and insights have been meticulously integrated into the PRT program. My goal was to create a comprehensive system that addresses the nuanced demands of the profession, ensuring that agents are equipped with practical, actionable skills that enhance their ability to protect clients effectively. The PRT program is a culmination of years of learning, hands-on application, and a deep understanding of protection professionals’ unique challenges, making it a robust and reliable system for today’s security landscape.

From the beginning, I adhered to several critical requirements to shape the PRT into what it is today:

1. Socially Acceptable: Techniques must be executed in a manner that is socially appropriate and respectful, ensuring that the PPS’s actions do not escalate a situation unnecessarily or draw undue attention. 

2. Visually Appropriate: The methods employed should not appear excessively aggressive or violent until it is forced to be by the threat, as the visual perception of the PPS’s actions is crucial in maintaining a professional and controlled image.

3. Legally Explicable: All techniques and responses must be defensible in a court of law, adhering to legal standards and ensuring that the PPS’s actions are justified and within the bounds of the law.

4. Environmentally Designed: The tactics must be adaptable to various environments and situations that a PPS might encounter, providing flexibility and effectiveness regardless of the setting. The method you use must align with your attire, your vehicle, and other situational factors, including whether you work as part of a team. The PRT is designed to be effective for teams of two, three, or more, enabling each member to have a specific role based on the situation. Thisallows the team to function cohesively as an informed unit, collaboratively solving problems and ensuring the highest level of protection.

PRT is a new system of innovative and proven response measures designed to fulfill the unique requirements of the Personal Protection Specialist. It includes techniques from various striking and grappling arts, benefiting both skilled operators and novices. PRT offers appropriate solutions to all levels of risk, ensuring that countermeasures reduce the risk to those they protect. While the ideal scenario is to avoid confrontation or evacuate the client, sometimes confrontation is unavoidable, and the appropriate countermeasure is the reasonable application of physical force. PRT provides the necessary tools for such reasoned responses.

The Protection Response Tactics (PRT) program is far from being just a regurgitation of traditional martial arts techniques. The reality is that martial arts, while effective in many contexts, were not explicitly designed to meet the unique requirements of a protection agent. In personal protection, you cannot simply adopt a martial arts stance at the first sign of a threat. Such actions could escalate the situation unnecessarily, draw unwanted attention, or even lead to legal complications.

PRT is distinct in its approach because it considers the social and environmental dynamics a protection agent must navigate. It emphasizes the importance of how concepts are applied within real-time social exchanges. The ability to read a situation accurately, understand the social nuances, and respond appropriately is crucial. Traditional martial arts do not typically cover these aspects in depth, focusing more on combat techniques rather than the subtleties of interpersonal interactions and the psychological components of threat assessment.

Moreover, PRT integrates socially acceptable and visually appropriate strategies, ensuring that a protection agent’s actions do not appear overly aggressive or threatening to bystanders. This is vital in maintaining a professional and controlled image while executing their duties. It also ensures their actions are legally defensible, a critical consideration in the high-stakes environment where protection agents operate.

PRT trains protection agents to master pre-contact applications, such as physical and verbal posturing, which help deter potential threats without escalating the situation. It also teaches advanced soft control methods that allow agents to handle low-level resistance effectively, using subtle and precise techniques that maintain control without unnecessary force.

With the increased popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), PPSs face opponents with enhanced awareness and access to effective training. Despite efforts to avoid conflict, a PPS may encounter a threat requiring immediate engagement. PRT equips them with the tools and training to mitigate risks by engaging threats effectively.

The ultimate goal of a protector is to reduce the client’s risk using the appropriate response. PRT provides the training and tools to offer additional countermeasures, ensuring client safety. You will master pre-contact applications by gaining a deep understanding of crucial physical and verbal posturing techniques that set the foundation for successful protection operations. This includes learning how to project an aura of authority and create a formidable presence, effectively deterring potential threats before they arise.

You will discover advanced soft control methods for low-level resistance, developing the finesse and restraint necessary to de-escalate volatile situations while maintaining absolute control over the environment. Our program also equips you with techniques to control the optics of the situation. These visually appropriate techniques are designed to neutralize threats swiftly and decisively in situations requiring greater force, ensuring your client’s safety while adhering to legal and ethical standards.

You will learn to navigate complex scenarios with precision, employing strategies that are visually appropriate, socially acceptable, and legally defensible. Every move you make will instill absolute trust and confidence in your clients. Furthermore, you will cultivate impeccable control and restraint in high-pressure situations. Maintaining composure and control is paramount as a protection agent, and through this program, you will hone your ability to stay level-headed in adversity, mastering the art of soft control and de-escalation to ensure a safe and secure environment for your client.

This comprehensive program is meticulously designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to provide unrivaled protection for your clients. Join a community of elite professionals dedicated to excellence and embodying the pinnacle of protection expertise. 

Please get in touch with me directly for more information on the Protection Response Tactics (PRT) program. I can answer any questions about the program’s curriculum, training methods, and how it can benefit you or your team. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to enhance your skills or new to the field and seeking a comprehensive training program, I can provide detailed insights and guidance tailored to your specific needs.

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~ Sifu Alan 

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