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In today’s high-stakes world, the unique needs of protection agents are often overlooked in traditional martial arts and defensive tactics programs. Many programs fail to consider the visual and social perceptions of techniques used in public settings. They lack robust de-escalation methods, crucial in managing potential conflicts without escalating to violence. Furthermore, these programs often do not address the legal implications and litigation concerns protection agents might face in the line of duty. This gap in training can leave agents unprepared for the nuanced realities of their profession.

Protection Response Tactics is meticulously crafted to fill this critical gap. Our program is tailored specifically for protection agents, focusing on the subtleties of conducting oneself in high-tension scenarios while being mindful of public perception and legal ramifications. We emphasize strong de-escalation techniques, providing agents with effective tools to diffuse conflicts without resorting to excessive force. Our comprehensive training also covers the legal aspects of protection work, preparing agents to make informed decisions that minimize the risk of litigation. With Protection Response Tactics, agents can confidently navigate the complexities of their role, armed with a skill set that is both effective and conscientious.


Protection Response Tactics is a comprehensive program designed to equip protection agents with the skills needed for various critical scenarios. The program is structured into six phases, each focusing on protection and defensive tactics.

Phase 1: Foundation in Posturing and De-Escalation

This phase lays the groundwork for posturing, verbal tactics, and de-escalation. Trainees learn advanced soft control methods for handling low-level resistance and mastering visually appropriate control techniques for delicate situations. This phase emphasizes pre-contact applications, setting the stage for effective interaction management.

Phase 2: Assault-Level Tactics and Predator Mindset

Phase 2 escalates to dealing with assault-level threats and multiple opponents. This stage is crucial for developing ‘the switch’—the ability to rapidly transition into a heightened state of readiness. Embracing the predator mindset is key in preparing agents for aggressive encounters.

Phase 3: Environmental Mastery

Trainees master navigating challenging environments such as halls, walls, and doors. Vehicle Centric Defensive Tactics are also a significant focus, ensuring agents are prepared for scenarios involving or around vehicles.

Phase 4: Counter Grappling and Ground Fighting

This phase equips agents with skills in Counter Grappling and Ground Fighting, including tactical avoidance of grappling scenarios. It’s designed to provide agents with the tools to defend themselves and effectively maintain control on the ground.

Phase 5: Weapon-Based Attack Principles

In Phase 5, the program dives deep into the principles of success in weapon-based attacks. This phase goes beyond teaching techniques, focusing on the fundamental principles necessary to survive and excel in armed confrontations. Trainees gain an understanding of the principles behind effective disarmament, enabling adaptability across various situations.

Phase 6: Armed Pummeling Fundamentals

The final phase explores standing grappling, focusing on essential skills for weapon retention and disarming in close-quarter encounters. This phase is crucial for understanding and applying techniques in scenarios where both parties are armed.

Each phase of the Protection Response Tactics program is meticulously designed to build upon the previous, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive training experience for protection agents.

Unlock an extraordinary bonus when you enroll in the Protection Response Tactics course - Sifu Baker's "Wall of Knowledge." This unique feature is a testament to our commitment to your ongoing development, exclusively available during the two annual full-course sessions. As the course unfolds, Sifu Baker meticulously documents a wealth of knowledge on Sticky Wall Easel Pad sheets, creating a progressive collage of insights, training methods, and drills.

Exclusive Bonus: The Wall of Knowledge

Unlock an extraordinary bonus when you enroll in the Protection Response Tactics course – Sifu Baker’s “Wall of Knowledge.” This unique feature is a testament to our commitment to your ongoing development, exclusively available during the two annual full-course sessions. As the course unfolds, Sifu Baker meticulously documents a wealth of knowledge on Sticky Wall Easel Pad sheets, creating a progressive collage of insights, training methods, and drills.

This archive isn’t just any reference material; it’s a personalized curriculum explicitly crafted for the needs of your class, ensuring that the content is highly relevant and directly applicable. As you progress through the intensive 18+ hour course, this wall grows into an extensive collection of handwritten strategies and techniques designed to guide your future training and solidify your learning long after the class ends.

Embrace the ethos of “continuous intelligent training” as championed by Sifu Alan. This Wall of Knowledge will serve as your roadmap to embedding the learned attributes and skills deep into your muscle memory, paving the way for real, measurable improvement. Take advantage of this chance to take home a treasure trove of wisdom, tailor-made to elevate your proficiency in Protection Response Tactics. 


Your thoughtful approach to the need for protectors and their unique need for a system of protecting their clients developed into the absolute best defensive tactics system for the EP profession, bar none. Several years ago, when we first approached you to develop a specific defensive tactics system for protectors, as most we using borrowed tactics from the police and the military, I remember that before you recommended anything, you questioned experienced practitioners and those who had to protect others and what their specific needs were. Then you began to develop a system that is “client-based” and not “self-defense”. This is extremely important in our profession, where we must be focused on keeping a third party safe from harm’s way.
The different levels of PRT that you developed are new and innovative and are a welcomed addition for EPI to offer our students. Once again, thank you for your contribution to the EP profession and for your personal involvement in our exciting and growing profession!

Jerry Heying, CPP, PPS, CST – Executive Director, Executive Protection Institute

Several years ago, while evaluating the capabilities of the protective detail for the Governor and the first family of California, I realized that our defensive tactics needed to be redesigned. My Department had years of experience with different law enforcement DT programs, from Aikido-based systems to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and most recently, one that is derived from Krav Maga. All the systems were designed for the typical LE officer environment. But, protective operations, either government or corporate, is far from the typical LE duty. After an exhaustive search, I was fortunate to find Alan Baker of Baker Tactical Training & Design. Alan’s Protection Response Tactics (PRT) is specifically designed from the ground up for executive protection. Moreover, Alan has designed many unique programs that are unprecedented (i.e., systems for fighting in and around vehicles while stationary and on the move). This type of innovative system design comes from a lifetime of martial arts and combative study. Alan doesn’t try to force his style into your environment. He designs a style that matches your needs. This is exactly why I had Alan Baker and his team come to teach his PRT course at the CHP Academy, not only for the Governor’s Protective Detail but also for our Dignitary Protection Section, Threat Assessment Unit, and the Advanced Officer Safety Training instructors.

Lt. Jerry Jacobs (ret.) California Highway Patrol, Governor’s Protective Detail

As an Executive Protection Agent working and training around the world, when it comes to defensive tactics, Alan Baker’s PRT system is the best I have ever seen. His knowledge and techniques on how to de-escalate a situation are applicable to real-world scenarios and incredibly effective. And if the situation develops into one that requires violence, Alan’s understanding of closing distance, and neutralizing a threat quickly is unmatched. PRT is simply that impressive.

If you are fortunate enough to train with Sifu Alan Baker, I can promise, you will leave that training a much more confident, better prepared, and a far more dangerous human.

Brent Magnussen,
Executive Protection Agent
and former U.S. Army Combat Engineer

Alan Baker’s reputation as a world class designer, developer, and instructor of leading edge training is not only well deserved, it is reflected in every facet of the work he and his team at Baker Tactical Training and Design perform with the hallmark of true professionals – they make even the most complex tasks look easy! Case-in-point is the Vehicle Centric Defensive Tactics (VCDT) program he and his team designed, developed, and have continued to evolve over the course of more than a decade. From the very first time we introduced the program to one of our military clients to this very day, and regardless of whether we are delivering a VCDT course to military special operations and special mission units, law enforcement tactical teams, or private sector executive protection practitioners, the response is virtually identical. To a one, our students are impressed with not just how simple, straightforward, and effective the philosophies, tactics, and techniques that form the foundation of the program are, but just how applicable they are to the realities of their work.   

Joe Autera, President & CEO, Vehicle Dynamics Institute

Alan conducts the complete program in its entirety for the public only twice annually.

Due to high demand, these courses fill up quickly.

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 Full Package Of All 6 Phases: $1365.00

18 Hours Plus Of Training

Over 3 Days

Discounts Available for Current and Former US Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and First Responders

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Equipment Needed:

Physical Requirements:

Participation in this program requires a fundamental level of physical fitness, including the capacity to kneel on one knee and return to a standing position. However, we understand that injuries and physical limitations can occur. They won’t entirely prevent you from training with us if you have any such concerns. We are committed to modifying and adapting exercises to suit your needs and conditions. Our primary goal is to provide you with a high-quality educational experience, ensuring all participants gain valuable skills and knowledge, regardless of physical constraints.

Before engaging in any physical activity, including this event, it’s advisable to consult with your doctor for guidance and to ensure it’s suitable for your health and fitness level.

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The PRT Course is scheduled immediately following the 7 Day Providing Executive Protection Program at the Executive Protection Institute in Martinsburg, WV. When you register for the PRT Course, accommodation arrangements can be made directly through the Executive Protection Institute office when you register.

You can call the EPI Office at:



Benefits of the Protection Response Tactics Program

  1. Tailored for Protection Agents: Explicitly designed for the unique needs of protection agents and private security teams, addressing the specific challenges they face.

  1. Visually Appropriate Techniques: Focuses on defensive tactics that are effective and visually suitable for public and social settings.

  1. Legally Defensible Methods: Offers strategies and techniques that are legally explicable, reducing the risk of litigation for protectors.

  1. Integrated Verbal De-Escalation: Includes a verbal de-escalation process that complements physical defense tactics, essential for managing confrontations effectively.

  1. Vehicle Combatives: Provides specialized training for scenarios involving motor vehicles, crucial for modern protection services.

  1. Comprehensive System: Combines advanced defensive techniques, strategic thinking, and situational awareness for a holistic approach to personal and professional security.

  1. Expert-Developed Curriculum: Created by industry experts with extensive experience in high-risk environments, ensuring practical and relevant training.

  1. Physical and Mental Resilience: Enhances both physical skills and mental toughness, preparing agents to perform under stress.

  1. Real-World Application: Training focuses on practical, real-life scenarios, preparing agents for actual protection situations.

  1. Continued Education and Support: Offers ongoing resources and support for skill development beyond the program duration.

  1. Diverse Skill Set Development: Covers a wide range of topics from edged weapon tactics to close-quarter firearm manipulation, ensuring well-rounded training.

  1. Practical Training Process: Emphasizes a training process that can be continued post-course for long-term skill enhancement.

  1. Experienced Instructors: Taught by professionals with real-world protection experience, providing high-quality instruction and guidance.

  1. Proven Success: Endorsed by industry professionals, including executive protection experts and law enforcement officers.

  1. Six-Phase Program Structure: A comprehensive program divided into six phases, each focusing on different crucial aspects of protection response tactics.


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