Alan Baker Podcast – 004 – Understanding The Pillars of Vulnerability

Welcome to Episode 004 of the Alan Baker Show! In today’s podcast, we delve deep into understanding vulnerability factors and how to be more prepared for the uncertainties that life throws our way. Key Topics Covered: Pillars of Vulnerability: What makes a civilian vulnerable? We discuss aspects such as: ◦ Predictability◦ Accessibility◦ Lack of appropriate … Read more

Alan Baker Podcast – 003 – The Self Education Process

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Alan Baker Podcast – 002 – Mastering The Warrior’s Mindset

Dive deep into the realm of the warrior’s mindset with Alan Baker, as he explores its intricate facets and its undeniable significance across disciplines, cultures, and histories. This podcast delves into the principles that define the warrior, offering listeners a comprehensive guide on cultivating a resilient, focused, and honorable spirit. Regardless of your walk of … Read more