Rank Advancement: The Four Pillars of Progress in Martial Arts

When evaluating students for rank advancement, we focus on four key areas to assess their readiness. These areas include:

  1. Attitude: One of the primary aspects we consider is the student’s attitude. Having the right mindset greatly impacts one’s progress in any endeavor. A positive attitude towards learning and a respectful demeanor towards teammates are crucial for personal growth. We believe that the people you surround yourself with have a significant influence on your journey, and maintaining a harmonious and supportive environment within the Academy is vital for everyone’s development.
  2. Knowledge: In our martial arts school, there is a list of techniques necessary to advance to the next level. However, we go beyond the minimum requirements and provide a comprehensive curriculum that exposes students to a wealth of knowledge. We want you to gain more than what is expected for the test. Our goal is to expand your understanding and expertise, allowing you to apply your skills effectively. Therefore, we assess your overall knowledge, considering not just the test list but the broader spectrum of information available to you.
  3. Attendance: Time invested in the Academy is essential for progression. While there is a minimum requirement for eligibility to test, we also value consistency. Regular attendance demonstrates commitment and fosters discipline, which translates into real-life benefits. Additionally, investing extra training hours outside of class can positively impact your advancement, as it reflects your dedication and drive.
  4. Performance: Lastly, your performance in technique demonstrations and application during live rolling is taken into consideration. Experienced instructors can discern the level of skill and knowledge based on how you execute movements. While knowing the techniques is important, we also emphasize the importance of refining them and applying them effectively in dynamic situations. Polish your basic techniques and focus on developing your ability to apply them in resistance-based environments to showcase your true capabilities.

By assessing these four areas—attitude, knowledge, attendance, and performance—we ensure a comprehensive evaluation process that reflects your growth and readiness for rank advancement. Keep pushing yourself, invest the time and effort, and continue to develop your skills both on and off the mat.

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