The Upcoming Overcome & Survive Workshop

As the hands of the clock march relentlessly forward toward the next Overcoming Survive workshop in October, I can’t shake off the fun memories from the previous event in April. This occasion marked my initial incursion into this exceptional series, an experience I’ll have the privilege to replicate this coming October.
Retired Navy SEAL author and motivational speaker Jason Redman, architected this event. This unique workshop was designed to be a source of preparation in an increasingly dangerous world. I had the honor of being enlisted by Coach Redman to design the defensive tactics program, a task tailored to align with his philosophy and the overarching ethos of the event.
Surrounded by a highly accomplished cohort comprising retired SEALs, NRA-certified marksmanship experts, and Special Operations Medical experts, I found myself immersed in collective knowledge that spanned a century of Special Operations, medical expertise, marksmanship training, and first-hand combat experiences.

These are times of unrest. Economic instability, social discord, spiraling crime rates, and burgeoning cybercrime loom large. You never know what the future will bring. As a participant and instructor, I grappled with the question Coach Redman asked everyone in the room at the beginning of the event – Are we equipped with the skills and tools necessary to safeguard ourselves, our homes, our businesses, and our loved ones?
The answer lies within the Tactical Self-Defense and Survival course. It’s a comprehensive platform that fosters growth from beginners into experts without demanding strenuous physical activity. While I had the privilege of designing and instructing the defensive tactics program, my insatiable appetite for learning drew me into the participant’s seat in the rest of the classes.
The scope of the course was vast and inclusive. We dived into cultivating the Overcome Mindset for tackling violent or extreme situations, creating and using a practical Go Bag, lifesaving immediate trauma first aid, honing basic pistol skills, and understanding verbal de-escalation and hand-to-hand combat.

Beyond the enriching curriculum, the event catered to every participant’s needs – meals, lodging, and weapons rental were neatly handled. I found myself armed with an Oakley Link Pack Miltac backpack, equipped with a water reservoir and a medical blowout kit, a critical component of my future Go Bag. Receiving an invitation to an exclusive post-training after-party added an extra layer of fellowship and event.
Reflecting on the April workshop, I was inspired and excited for the next gathering.
We must arm ourselves with the skills and tools to brave an uncertain future in a world teetering on the edge of chaos. This workshop is an indispensable stepping stone in that journey. As I gear up for another enriching experience this October, I encourage those who cherish their safety and that of their loved ones to seize this opportunity. Preparedness is not just about the desire to survive; it’s about honing the skills to thrive.

To truly master the realm of firearms, medical procedures, and self-defense, more than just a weekend seminar is required. It’s not that these classes lack value; they indeed provide foundational techniques and can act as a launching pad. But true mastery comes from total immersion in the respective cultures of firearms, self-defense, and self-protection.
It’s akin to learning a new language; a phrasebook might get you through a vacation, but to understand the subtle nuances, the slang, the jokes, and the wisdom – you must live among the native speakers. That’s the difference between signing up for a class at the local range and having a close friend steeped in this culture to guide you, to introduce you to the intricate details, the unspoken rules, and the depth and breadth of the community.
Immersion takes you beyond the surface level, beyond the mere mechanics of technique. It exposes you to the ethos of the community, the shared beliefs, values, and practices that truly form the beating heart of any culture. This type of education is deep, transformational, and lasting. The Overcoming Survive event offers just such an opportunity, a portal into a community where you’re not just a visitor but a welcomed member, learning, growing, and contributing in a fully immersive experience. We already have several of the previous students registered to come in October.

In conclusion, the Overcoming Survive event offers a rare opportunity to step into an immersive learning environment that is empowering, transformational, and conducive to mastering the intricacies of self-defense, medical procedures, and firearms. Its unique setup, curated by a team of dedicated experts, offers an unmatched blend of practical lessons, expert guidance, and deep cultural immersion.
I am more than open to engaging in a direct dialogue with anyone interested or curious about this event. I am always available to discuss what this workshop entails and how it can help you become more prepared, confident, and resilient. You can reach out to me at any time.
I’m looking forward to being a part of this workshop, not only as an instructor but also as a student. The philosophy and mission behind this event resonate deeply with my personal goals. I am passionately committed to fostering real change, to making a positive, tangible difference in the lives of people who need it.
In its unique, all-encompassing approach, this workshop aligns seamlessly with this mission. It is a platform where we can contribute towards empowering individuals, equipping them with skills, knowledge, and the mindset required to navigate the complex and unpredictable challenges of life. It’s an honor for me to be part of this transformational journey, and I cannot wait to see what the next event has in store for all of us.

Alan Baker specializes in designing customized Defensive Tactics Programs tailored to the specific needs of law enforcement agencies, security firms, and military organizations. With a focus on practical techniques, scenario-based training, and adaptability to real-world situations, Alan can develop comprehensive training programs that enhance the skills and preparedness of personnel. If you are interested in connecting with Alan or booking his services, please visit our website at or reach out to him directly through LinkedIn. Elevate your organization’s defensive capabilities with Alan Baker’s expertise and experience.

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