The C-Tac® Conference: A Unique Approach to Martial Arts and Self-Protection

In an era of rapid digitalization, the ubiquity of recording devices, and ever-evolving social perceptions, personal protection is changing drastically. Now, more than ever, the world needs a comprehensive approach to self-defense that aligns with the realities of our time. Answering this call is the C-Tac® Conference, scheduled from August 10th to August 13th, 2023. This inaugural conference offers an unrivaled opportunity to delve into the unique C-Tac® system, which seamlessly bridges the gap between martial arts and self-protection.

Founded on the principle of arming individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective self-defense in our modern society, the C-Tac® system transcends the limitations of traditional martial arts. It acknowledges the critical need to consider the visual and social perception of defensive actions, given the ever-present recording devices and the profound societal implications of self-defense situations.

At its core, the C-Tac® system aims to provide practical answers to questions left unaddressed by traditional martial arts systems. Emphasizing the significance of pre-violence indicators, it empowers students to detect these cues and deploy strategies for de-escalation, disengagement, or engagement with potential threats on the street. Additionally, the system underscores the importance of non-threatening posturing and verbal communication before resorting to physical contact, ensuring that your actions align with societal expectations and local law enforcement perceptions.

The distinctive facets of the C-Tac® system elevate it from a mere self-defense technique to a holistic solution for personal protection. Let’s delve into these unique aspects to understand why the C-Tac® system is the preferred choice for those seeking a comprehensive self-defense approach.

Situational Awareness:

A foundational component of the C-Tac® system, situational awareness, is a skill as valuable as any martial arts technique. Recognizing your surroundings and potential threats significantly enhances personal safety. The C-Tac® system’s training is tailored to fine-tune your observation skills, enabling you to swiftly identify potential dangers and adopt a proactive mindset.

Legal Compliance:

True self-defense operates within the boundaries of the law. The C-Tac® system stresses understanding the legal implications surrounding self-defense, ensuring that you learn practical techniques and ones that abide by legal standards. You’ll be equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions in high-stress situations, preventing potential legal complications.

Pre-Fight Social Exchange:

Identifying and navigating the precursors of a potential confrontation is essential in self-defense. The C-Tac® system teaches you how to handle pre-fight social exchanges, guiding you to diffuse conflicts and de-escalate situations when possible. You’ll be better equipped to prevent physical confrontations by mastering effective communication and conflict resolution skills.

Reasonable Force Continuum:

Understanding what constitutes ‘reasonable force’ is a critical component of self-defense. The C-Tac® system outlines a structured force continuum, instructing you on appropriate responses based on the threat level. Adhering to this continuum ensures your actions are proportionate, ethical, and justified.

Integrated Firearms and Empty Hand Techniques:

Acknowledging the role firearms play in personal protection, the C-Tac® system offers training that seamlessly integrates firearm skills with empty-hand techniques. This comprehensive approach equips you to handle diverse self-defense scenarios confidently and effectively.

Practical Grappling for the Street:

Real-life altercations often involve ground fighting and grappling. The C-Tac® system places a significant emphasis on practical grappling techniques tailored for such self-defense situations. By preparing you for a range of scenarios, both standing up and on the ground, you’ll be better equipped to protect yourself.

Family Protection:

Ensuring your family’s safety is paramount. The C-Tac® system goes beyond individual self-defense, teaching strategies, and techniques to protect your loved ones. Whether it’s effective home security measures or developing family-oriented defense plans, the system ensures you’re well-equipped to safeguard your family in various settings.

Defensive Tactics in and Around a Vehicle:

Recognizing that personal safety extends beyond your home, the C-Tac® system provides training tailored for situations in and around vehicles. From handling carjackings to road rage incidents, you’ll be equipped with the skills to protect yourself effectively in these unique environments.

Basic Tactical Medicine:

Basic tactical medicine training, the C-Tac® system goes beyond traditional self-defense. You’ll be introduced to basic skills for handling everyday emergencies, offering essential knowledge and techniques for immediate medical care. 

The C-Tac® Conference will also feature an impressive line-up of skilled instructors, each offering unique insights and training in their respective fields.

Coach David Collins Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC):

Coach Dave will be introducing attendees to the principles of Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC), the recognized standard of care for civilian pre-hospital tactical medicine. 

Coach Dennis Rousseau of Force Solutions:

Coach Rousseau will present an introduction to his Vehicle Counter Ambush Course Course. This comprehensive program will equip students with the knowledge and skills to optimize their survivability in vehicle encounters.

Coach Chris Benfield – Use Of Force Lecture:

In this course, Coach Chris will delve into the complex topic of the ‘use of force,’ examining its application and implications for civilians.

The ultimate vision of the founder and the essence of the C-Tac® system is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to be prepared for not just self-defense situations but for a myriad of potential scenarios that life could present.

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We are excited about the upcoming event and are eagerly looking forward to welcoming you to this transformative experience!

The C-Tac® system was innovatively conceptualized and brought to fruition by Alan Baker, with the primary goal of empowering individuals to be adequately prepared for not just self-defense situations, but a myriad of potential circumstances life may bring. The conception of the C-Tac® system stemmed from Alan’s observation of the scarcity of practical, comprehensive, and meaningful training systems addressing this need. He sought to cut through the swathes of well-marketed but ultimately ineffective programs that are readily available.

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