The Baker Defensive Tactics Training Triad 

Constructing a transformative training program requires an intentional and methodical integration of teaching methodologies. Our approach to program development shines a light on three crucial domains: techniques, Thought Tools, and body state training. Acting as the foundational pillars of our curriculum design, these components ensure we cater to the comprehensive development of our students or clients, offering a 360-degree learning experience.


form the cornerstone of the practical skills we impart to our learners. These include a variety of tools, methods, and strategies that have direct applicability in real-world scenarios. These techniques act as blueprints, guiding individuals through a strategic pathway to methodically navigate situations. While most training programs are built solely around techniques, our approach takes a more comprehensive route, ensuring that practical skills are accompanied by mental preparedness and physical adaptability.

Thought Tools

Often underemphasized in traditional curricula, serve as the psychological spine of our programs. These cognitive aids are designed to enhance mental capabilities, foster critical thinking, and strengthen resilience. By offering learners the ability to reshape and streamline their thought processes, these tools aim to build more effective, agile thinkers. Thought Tools don’t just fill gaps in knowledge; they equip students with the capability to use their knowledge effectively, ensuring they can apply their skills even in high-stress or unexpected situations.

Body State Training

The third pillar of our programs, Body State Training delves into the deep interconnection between physical and mental states. By integrating tension control techniques and stress management strategies into our curriculum, we enable learners to understand, monitor, and regulate their body state. This heightened self-awareness and control can significantly improve their performance, making them not just more effective but also more adaptable.

Together, these three components – techniques, thought tools, and body state training – form the bedrock of a comprehensive and balanced program. Each element synergistically enhances the others, resulting in a holistic skill set and a well-rounded education. The techniques provide the practical roadmap, the thought tools equip learners with the cognitive prowess, and body state training ensures they have the physical and emotional stability necessary for peak performance.

Our ultimate aim in program development is not just to teach but to create a complete and holistic training environment that fosters overall growth. By seamlessly blending techniques, thought tools, and body state training, we are setting our students and clients on a path to a more complete development, preparing them for enduring success in their personal and professional lives.

Alan Baker, a seasoned professional in the arena of defensive tactics, specializes in creating customized training programs tailored to the unique needs of various organizations, including law enforcement agencies, security firms, protection agents, and military groups. Alan’s approach stands out for its practical techniques, realistic scenario-based training, and a focus on fostering adaptability to real-world situations. 

At Baker Defensive Tactics, we pride ourselves on our problem-development process. We understand that the needs of each client are unique, thus requiring a unique solution. Our training process is designed around this understanding, aiming to enhance the skills and readiness of personnel to the highest degree.

What truly sets our company apart is our ability to design tactics that are not only effective but also Visually Appropriate and Socially Acceptable. We realize the importance of a seamless integration of our strategies into our clients’ specific culture and environment, and we strive to deliver exactly that.

Alan’s unmatched expertise lies in orchestrating programs that sync perfectly with the specific requirements of his clients, while still maintaining a high level of practicality. Through our comprehensive training programs, we aim to uplift the proficiency and readiness of your personnel, preparing them to face any unexpected challenges that come their way.

We invite you to experience the power of personalized training with Baker Defensive Tactics, where every aspect of the program is custom-tailored to suit your needs. Join us in taking your defensive tactics training to the next level.

Interested in taking the first step? You can connect with Alan Baker directly through LinkedIn or visit our website at to learn more about our services. Allow us to elevate your organization’s defensive capabilities with our unique training approach. Experience the difference that Baker Defensive Tactics can make today. 

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