Overcome & Survive Workshop: A Testament to Preparedness

I’ve seen the world change quite a bit in my life and the defensive tactics industry, sometimes unpredictably, and I’ve seen the need for personal safety skills rise. My upcoming stint as an instructor at the Overcome & Survive Workshop is aimed at addressing just that.
This workshop isn’t just another event on the calendar – it’s a comprehensive, immersive training experience that strengthens you with the skills needed to protect yourself and your loved ones in those unpredicted moments life will sometimes throw at you. Last year’s OC&S workshop was extraordinary, and this year, we’re stepping up our game even further for the event.

Firstly, the Overcome Mindset is the cornerstone of our workshop. In essence, it’s about embracing an outlook of resilience, adaptability, and determination when faced with violent or chaotic situations. We focus on physical abilities and preparedness as we help immerse you into the culture of readiness. It’s not just about fighting off an attacker but about prevailing over any challenging circumstance life might throw your way.
The practical part of the workshop covers a wide range of life-saving skills. You’ll learn how to create and effectively use an immediate survival bag or “Go Bag,” essential for emergency situations. We’ll also delve into trauma first aid training – an absolute necessity in any critical situation where professional medical help is not immediately available.
Additionally, we have an introductory pistol course that will provide you with valuable knowledge about target acquisition, malfunction drills, and magazine changes. Our verbal de-escalation and hand-to-hand training complement this. I’ll teach defensive tactics designed for today’s culture, where you must consider legal concerns and situational optics. You are being recorded everywhere you go and must assume that even in self-defense.
Now, let’s talk about the incredible team instructing alongside me at the workshop.

Jason Redman, our lead instructor and the creator of OC&S, is a 21-year retired Navy SEAL with tremendous experience. He has an unyielding spirit and unmatched expertise in firearms tactics, survival, and evasion.
We also have Claire Zanti, an Olympic-style precision rifle and pistol competitor, sharing her firearms proficiency. Meanwhile, Kenny Mitchell, a 20-year fire service veteran, will provide essential life-saving instruction on emergency response.
Among us, Patricia and Edgar Gonzalez from Tactical 21 are set to impart their knowledge on firearm self-defense and home protection. Jay Aliason, a retired SEAL Senior chief, and John Fleischer, an experienced SWAT officer, will bring their military and law enforcement experiences to our training modules.
Then there’s Paul Ekoniak, whose medical training expertise will be indispensable for the trauma first aid sessions.
And finally, there’s me, your defensive tactics and de-escalation guide.
Join us for this workshop in October, and be ready to overcome and survive no matter what the world throws at you.

Register on the website here: https://getoffx.com/overcome-survive-workshop/

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