Schedule Seminars & Events

We are here to help you arrange a great event!

To schedule a seminar, you must reach out to our Operations Director Jennifer Wood. She can take you through the process of picking out your date, making a deposit, and setting up the travel and lodging logistics.
Additionally, at this time, if there are any specific topics that you want to be covered or if you would like to get a specialized training outline put together for the event, Jennifer can make this happen.

I am looking forward to working with you!

Email Me

Professor Alan and his team will work with you to create a custom workshop, seminar, or camp to meet you and your students’ needs. Not only does Professor Alan develop custom events for your school, he also can support with staff training and business coaching for you and your team.

Marketing events can be hard and time-consuming, so our team supports you by creating custom marketing pieces. Once the event date is confirmed, we will develop several marketing pieces right away so you can begin marketing your event.

Please reach out to us right away to secure your event date. We are currently scheduling events two years in advance due to Professor Alan’s schedule, so it’s good to get in touch sooner rather than later to secure your first choice for dates!

What To Expect

Connect Pick A Date
Once I get your email, I will reach back to you to pick a date for your upcoming event. We are currently scheduling events two years in advance due to Alan’s schedule, so it is good to get in touch sooner than later.

Logistics & Deposit
Once we have chosen a date, we will organize Alan’s travel and lodging logistics. It is also at this time that we will take care of the deposit for the event to hold the time.

Pick A Topic & Type Of Event
Additionally, we will need to consider if we want to do a workshop that is a two-hour event, a seminar that will be a three-hour event, or if, for instance, you would like to schedule two three-hour events on one day. Anything above a single three-hour event we generally will consider a Camp.

Outline Or Design
Some hosts prefer to focus on a series of topics, or they like to piece together a program designed explicitly around their or their student’s needs. If this is the case, we will arrange a consultation session with Alan, and he will determine what you need so that he can design the training outline for the event around what you want to achieve in your goals.

Training For Your Staff
Additional options when designing your training day could be scheduling a session for Alan to work with your staff. This additional training has become a common occurrence that hosts will have him in to teach a public event, and then they will also schedule sessions for him to work with their staff and train them directly on martial arts-related material or business development and operations. It is up to you how you want to design your training event. There is no charge for a consultation to review your needs and goals to see how we can best support you.

Marketing Package
After we have determined all of these things, we will build your marketing package for you next. I will need to gather the information on the date and time as well as pricing, and then I will pass that along to our media department. At this point, they will design a package around your event so that you will have the pieces needed to advertise and be successful.