Individual coaching with Alan Baker

Do You Have A Problem You Would Like To Get Assistance With Our Coaching Team?

Do you want someone who holds you accountable for a more attractive version of your future?

Do you want someone who believes in you and helps you remove roadblocks to your success?

Do you want someone to help you align your schedule with the actions to pursue your life blueprint?

Need help to discover strategies to get unstuck & cut through the noise so you can reveal your best self?

Coaching is a powerful way to help You choose a path and make choices that will get You closer to where you want to be. And supply the tools & motivation to move in that direction.


Using the principles of change he lives by, Alan Baker will work one-on-one with you for one hour each week to help you put together an overall plan of action based on the unique need or goal you are striving to reach. He will help you set up a plan to create aggressive change in your life. Whether you want to focus on the Warriors Path Program, His Business & Revenue building methods, or The Tools Of Change Program(TOC), you will begin to break through the sticking points in your life. 

The Tools Of Change Program is a two-month package. 

How does Intensive Coaching Work? 

Our first step is a coaching consultation (at no charge to you), a discovery call to help me learn more about you and discover where you are in life in several areas. First, I want to see where you are on the core pillars of growth: Physical, Family, Mental, Purpose, and monetary. This is the first step with any of our coaching options.

At this time, you decide if coaching is an effective way to achieve your goals and if I am the best coach for you. If we choose to work together, I will want to learn more about where you are, what you are seeking from the coaching relationship, This first session will also help me understand how I can best guide and support you as we push forward. We will also set formal goals you want to accomplish.

Then we’ll set a date and time to Zoom meet for your first coaching session with me. Throughout the two months, we’ll have weekly one-on-one Zoom coaching sessions to give you specific action steps, accountability, and drive execution on your action items. 

My Goal

My only goal as a coach is to help you construct the future that is most important to you. This purpose is what led to the development of the Warriors Path Program. For more than 40 years, I’ve been working with people, teaching practical solutions on work/life balance, improving self-leadership, creating change, and improving time management.


How I help you:

We will start with making a deep dive into where you are now. Once we get a grasp on where you are and what your limiting factors are for growth, we will start putting together an overall plan/vision to begin moving forward. With this plan, we can start building a schedule for you to take action and start getting unstuck and moving forward in a positive manner so that you can start increasing your impact on your goals.

What are the tools of change program?

The tools of change program (TOC) is based on the Warriors Path program. The Warriors Path program is a multi-dimensional program designed to create self-improvement on all levels of the individual through the approach of the Warriors mindset. Due to the depth of knowledge and the WP program, individuals could study the information for several years. With is the mind, Coach Alan made the Tools Of Change Program to create a more intensive training experience for the client. The TOC Program covers the most fundamental principles and tools in the Warriors Path program. This program gives the client an intensive deep dive into the heart of the Warriors path program. When working with a client, Coach Alain will first learn the individual’s current situation and then deliver the tools and principles specifically around the individual’s goals. 

The TOC Package Follows The Pillars Of Warrior’s Path

Warriors Path Has five core pillars of focus for our coaching clients’ development. 

Physical – Family – Mental – Purpose – Monetary