ABBJJ Annual Conference

First Annual Living Mechanics Jiu-Jitsu Conference 

June 9-10-11 of 2023

The Living Mechanics Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program is a distinctive approach to grappling that concentrates on the development of mechanics, placement, alignment & timing ahead of applying strength & brute force. The method also considers the self-defense aspects of striking/fighting from all positions and the possibility of utilizing the skills acquired outside the academy and on the street while armed.

Learn a distinctive approach to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that focuses on developing precise mechanics, proper placement, optimal alignment, and impeccable timing. Gain a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of grappling that can enhance your overall performance on the mats.

Explore a training methodology that prioritizes technique and finesse over relying solely on brute force and strength. Discover how leveraging proper mechanics can give you an edge in your grappling skills, allowing you to overcome opponents who may possess more physical strength.

The program incorporates self-defense aspects, teaching techniques, and strategies for striking and fighting from various positions. Gain valuable knowledge and skills that can be applied in real-life self-defense situations, helping you feel more confident and capable in protecting yourself if needed.

Professor Alan Baker will teach the morning/day sessions and focus on his Living Mechanics Program. As we move through the material, there will be lots of time for Q & A, And we usually have multiple high-level practitioners and instructors on the mat to help! 

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!

9-10 AM The Technical Bridging Series “Let there be space.” (Professor Alan Baker)

Understanding the complete Living Mechanics bridging series & teaching the hidden details of one of the most effective mechanics in the ground game. Learn how to create space that leads to movement and opportunities to escape or attack. We will also cover bridge methods for various positions other than the standard “flat” bridge.

10-12 PM – The Living Mechanics Of Survival (Professor Alan Baker)

The Mechanics Of Surviving underneath the side control & mount positions. The Essential Skeletal alignment, positioning & breathing methods that allows you to endure & escape or find the placement to attack the opponent if necessary. How to mechanically transfer into the Basic Defensive Posture from a flat position.

1-3 PM The Great Escapes (Side Control) – “Picking The Locks.” (Professor Alan Baker)

In this section, we will cover The “Core Four” Side Control Escape Blueprint, an analysis of the essential methods of exiting from underneath the side control position & how they correlate together. We will also look at how choosing the proper escape can affect the timing of your follow-up, and how this will affect the armed practitioner.

3-4 PM Ground Fighting – Striking From Defensive Guard & Side (Professor Alan Baker)

Learn the distinction between grappling and fighting, especially ground fighting, and how the mechanics and positions change with striking or when fighting to get back to your knees or your feet. This section will cover the fundamentals of body positioning and gaining the space needed to deliver strikes and defend/escape in a street-fighting scenario. This knowledge is essential when you are in a ground-fighting situation while armed.

4:30 PM – 6:30 PM SPECIAL GUEST INSTRUCTOR Professor Jorge Jimenez (4th Degree Black)

Professor Jorge Jimenez is a 4th Degree Black Belt and the Owner/Head instructor at the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Balance Academy in Peachtree City, Georgia.



Join Us For the Black Belt Presentation of Coach Michael Chastain. Coach Michael is the Chief Instructor at the Academy in Cleveland, Tennessee.

9-10 AM The Technical Shrimp Series – Movement is life (Professor Alan Baker)

Space & movement is life on the ground, and the more skilled you are at it, the more options you will have. This class introduces the entire Living Mechanic essential Shrimping sequence. Combined with the bridging series (Saturday Morning), this is the fundamentals of movement on the ground.

10-12 Living Mechanic’s Side Control Submission Chaining (Professor Alan Baker)

Established on the responses & mechanics of the human body. Discover how to combine submissions in a sequence based on your training partner’s reactions. We will also be going through the side control lock flow series from the LM Curriculum. Chain wrestling is a methodology of grappling or wrestling where a fighter fluidly moves from one move to the next without thinking. We apply this methodology not only to positional movements but also to submissions or lock flows.

1-3 PM The Art Of Hand Fighting & Arm Dragging (Professor Alan Baker)

Learn the Fundamentals of hand fighting & entering into control positions as well as how to counter your opponent’s attempts to do the same. Hand fighting is an art unto itself and an essential skill for entering into standing control positions that can lead to a takedown. Our goal is not just to give you a list of techniques but to learn how to develop and train the art of fighting your way into control.

3-4 PM Pummeling (standup wrestling/grappling) For Control & Takedown (Professor Alan Baker)

Learn the 6 Classifications of Takedowns that we follow & the four prominent torso control positions & how to use them to off-balance your adversary to engage the ground. Pummeling is crucial to set up offensive techniques like headlocks, head & arm throws, double legs reaps, sweeps, takedowns, breakdowns, and throws. Pummeling is also an essential skill set to escape problematic holds and other attacks from your opponent.

4:30 PM – 6:30 PM SPECIAL GUEST INSTRUCTOR – Professor Paul Creighton (4th Degree Black)

Professor Paul Creighton is a 4th Degree Black Belt and the Owner/Head Instructor at the Creighton MMA & Fitness Academy in Suwanee, Georgia.

Paul Creighton began studying martial arts at the age of five. He started with wrestling and wrestled competitively throughout high school and college. As a competitive wrestler in high school and college, Creighton compiled a 134-16-1 (win-loss-tie) record and was a Junior Olympic Gold Medalist. While obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in health science at SUNY Brockport, Paul began goshin jutsu karate, Japanese ju-jitsu, and judo, where he obtained a Black Belt in each of these disciplines.

10-12 Sweeping & Disengaging From Guard (Professor Alan Baker)

We are learning the techniques and mastering the conversation with our opponent to recognize the opponent’s mistakes that can lead to sweeping and moving into a dominant position. We will also look at methods to exit the Guard position to go to the knees, which can add additional options for pummeling attacks into sweeping or striking techniques and conversion into urban weapon options.

1-3 PM Living Mechanics Positional Flow Drills (Professor Alan Baker)

An Introduction: The LM Drill Curriculum is used to enhance movement, transitions & flow through the various positions or submissions of the grappling & ground fighting game. The Living Mechanics curriculum has four pillars of study we follow throughout the entire curriculum. One of these pillars is the drilling branch. This section has an organized series of flow drills that are built one atop of one another. Each exercise advances through your training as you develop in skill.

3 PM BLACK BELT PRESENTATION FOR RYAN MCELWEE (Coach Randy McElwee, Professor Alan Baker, & Attending Black Belts)

Join Us For the Black Belt Presentation of Coach Ryan McElwee. Coach Ryan is the Chief Instructor at the American Black Belt Academy in Athens, Georgia. Ryan’s journey to Black Belt began when he started training at four years old. Since then, he has been on the path of training almost daily and has grown up at the academy since it opened in 2005. In his quest over the last 18 years, Ryan has trained with many of the most renowned figures in the art of GRACIE Jiu Jitsu, including GM Rorion Gracie, Royce Gracie, Professor Pedro Sauer, UFC Champion Brian Ortega, Greg Nelson, Rylan Lizares, Professor Keith Owen, Ralek Gracie, Master Dave Kama, Professor Ryan Young, as well as Rener & Ryron Gracie. In recent years Ryan has dedicated his training to developing a thorough understanding of the Living Mechanics approach to Jiu Jitsu as expressed by Sifu Alan Baker. As a BlackBelt, he hopes to continue to share Jiu-Jitsu at a higher level with a more simplistic and systemized understanding that will help more people be better prepared to defend themselves.

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Space Is Limited At The New Location, So Sales will be closed after 40 Spots Have Been Sold!

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